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Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center & Adoption Services

We came across this Catholic Charities support service and thought we’d share it with you.We posted some of the content from their website below for your convenience. You can visit their website at for more information.   Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center & Adoption Services OUR LOCATIONS Tampa – 813-631-4398 St. Petersburg – 727-550-4236 […]

Tough times for Catholic adoption agencies

From the cradle to the grave, human life is precious and meaningful in all stages. Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate is firmly against abortion. We encourage mothers considering abortion to look into alternatives including adoption. Catholic adoption agencies are facing tough times now though. Joseph R. LaPlante wrote an interesting piece that was featured on the […]

The Cry of the Poor

We came across this great editorial by Deacon Keith Fournier called “The Inevitable Triumph of the Pro-Life Position” made available on Catholic Online. The editorial focuses on the pro-life movement in a positive light. We noticed that it also happens to feature the title of a classic hymn: The Cry of the Poor We found […]

Straight Talk

No one wants to talk straight about abortion. People tip-toe around the obvious facts and avoid confrontation. We believe that all life is precious and that we have an obligation to give voice to the voiceless. We found a great PDF on Catholic Answers that has straight answers to lots of questions concerning the catholic […]

Questions? Catholic Answers

God Questions? Catholic answers are out there. We found some great entries about the Catholic perspective on the pro-life movement at one of our favorite sites: Catholic Answers. If you have questions, read up at their site at: Browse Questions? Catholic Answers 284 results sorted by popularity Quick Questions Where in the Bible does […]

Realities of Catholic Charities Adoption

Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate is happy to have found this fascinating article for you about the realities of Catholic Charities Adoption. It opens with one of the most famous stories of adoption,… one we don’t often associate with “adoption” per say. The story of the infant Moses. While the Pharaoh’s daughter’s story of adoption required […]

Happy New Year from Mary Our Mother

Happy New Year!! Catholic Icing had some great ideas for celebrating the New Years Catholic Style! Take a look at a portion of their article below or visit them here and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone !!!   New Year Ideas for Catholic Families- Fun Traditions January 1, 2012 By Lacy January 1st is a […]