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Links to websites that are useful for people considering adopting a child that was saved from an abortion

Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center & Adoption Services

We came across this Catholic Charities support service and thought we’d share it with you.We posted some of the content from their website below for your convenience. You can visit their website at for more information.   Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center & Adoption Services OUR LOCATIONS Tampa – 813-631-4398 St. Petersburg – 727-550-4236 […]

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Adoptive Services Link

Crisis Pregnancy Centers often offer adoptive services. Take a look at this link: Below is a portion of the text from their website, copied and pasted for your convenience:   Crisis Pregnancy Centers   Crisis pregnancy centers are staffed with individuals who want to help a pregnant woman through this difficult time in her […]

Choose Adoption, Not Abortion

Mothers who choose not to abort, often rely on adoption services to meet their needs. Consider adopting a child whose life was spared. Visit this website to learn more about Catholic Adoption: Here is a portion of their website, copied and pasted below for your convenience: Apply Today to Become a Catholic Adoptive Family! […]