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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Covenant House

The covenant House depends almost entirely on gifts from friends like you to help over 60,000 homeless and runaway children every year. We provide food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, educational and vocational training and counseling to kids with no place to go for help. Please help if you can     365 days a […]

Adoptive Parents- Catholic Charities FAQ

We found this interesting post on adoption services and becoming adoptive parents. Take a look at the link or read the text below and let us know what you think.   Pregnancy Support & Open Adoption Services Becoming Adoptive Parents Frequently Asked Questions We are interested in adopting, what can you tell us about […]

Caitlin Jane- Unborn

Unborn- we found this interesting song that inspires pro-life enthusiasts around the world. What do you think? October 23, 2013 ( – Twenty-six year old singer Caitlin Jane didn’t set out to be a pro-life singer. On the contrary. While she was raised in a Christian home and had always considered herself pro-life, she […]