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Realities of Catholic Charities Adoption

Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate is happy to have found this fascinating article for you about the realities of Catholic Charities Adoption. It opens with one of the most famous stories of adoption,… one we don’t often associate with “adoption” per say. The story of the infant Moses. While the Pharaoh’s daughter’s story of adoption required […]

Saving Lives

We found this link to an abortion alternative website. Visit them here at A portion of the text from their website has been copied and pasted below for your convenience: Unplanned Pregnancy Solutions Don’t Be Afraid. You Are Not Alone! Facing an unplanned pregnancy as a birthmother can be an overwhelming, terrifying experience. But […]

Pro-Life- Leaped in her Womb

As we consider the fate of the thousands of babies aborted across the world, please remember that the womb is the cradle before birth. Take a look at the information on a Pro-Life stance presented by the USCCB at the following web address: Full text of the introduction on that page is copied and pasted below for […]

Life Begins When Exactly? | Life

When does life begin? “Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. There may be legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not… with regard to abortion and euthanasia. ” ~Pope Benedict XVI   Take a look at this link discussing […]

Life Before Birth – a Catholic Perspective | Life Before Birth

Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate encourages you to take a look at this inspirational quote from Saint Pope John Paul II given during his homily at Mass on the Washington Mall, October 7, 1979: The complete text of the quote is copied below for your convenience: “Give us the grace – When the sacredness of […]

An Adoption Love Story

Take a look at the following link found on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for an inspirational adoption story: Full text of the link above appears below for your convenience: family An Adoption Love Story   Ed. Note: Adoption is a wonderful gift. Though sometimes portrayed in negative ways by the media, […]

Ending Abortion through Adoption

Visit the website below to read more about Catholic adoption as an alternative to abortion: Full text of the link above may be seen below for your convenience. Life Issues Forum: Ending Abortion Through Adoption Ending Abortion through Adoption By Mary McClusky February 18, 2011 Patty Voorhies can’t stop talking about her eight children. […]

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Adoptive Services Link

Crisis Pregnancy Centers often offer adoptive services. Take a look at this link: Below is a portion of the text from their website, copied and pasted for your convenience:   Crisis Pregnancy Centers   Crisis pregnancy centers are staffed with individuals who want to help a pregnant woman through this difficult time in her […]

Choose Adoption, Not Abortion

Mothers who choose not to abort, often rely on adoption services to meet their needs. Consider adopting a child whose life was spared. Visit this website to learn more about Catholic Adoption: Here is a portion of their website, copied and pasted below for your convenience: Apply Today to Become a Catholic Adoptive Family! […]